Mandela video Power of Sports To Unite Nations (see bottom of page)

This $257.94 jersey is MY first jersey of ANY athlete EVER and I got the AUTHENTIC version. I'm not going to frame it, I will be wearing it!
I usually try to save and buy the cheapest possible - BUT NOT THIS. This is about MY HEART and what I BELIEVE in.
Lin is the ultimate symbol of underdog who overcame all odds, Lin will be scrutinized for every weakness and mistakes.
NO ONE in the NBA can inspire millions of non-basketball fan to watch NBA games like Lin. WHY? HOW?

Studying Lin is like studying BRUCE LEE (HISTORY CHANNEL, click here)
Kato played by Bruce Lee in The Green Hornet (1966-1967) is MORE popular than its star! Sound familiar? Melo of Knicks jealous of Lin.
Yao Ming (click here) was genetically farmed by Chinese gov't to play basketball, you never know what's HIS true PASSION. It's very SAD actually.
Jeremy Lin and Bruce Lee are products of free will with a heart of a champion to pursue their TRUE love and dreams.

"Don't EVER underestimate the heart of a CHAMPION!!" Rudy Tomjanovich,

You might wonder WHY I pick the RED/YELLOW color instead of the more "modern" look?
I had been a die hard Rockets fan since the Hakeem Olajuwon days, classic Rockets!

It's inconceivable to think I of all people would waste my time in sports,
a mind control system to numb you against reality, right?
I used to think that but once in LONG while,
someone COMPLETELY different comes along, breaks all the rules, and unite the MINDS of billions.

Inspiring people, giving people hope -- THAT I can get involved in.

It's a good vehicle to achieve a GREATER GOOD, especially promoting Unity, in the name of Love.
Take Dr. Mandela for example, he used sports to change a nation and end civil war bloodshed (click here).

Every GREATS in history has to endure the following type of mindless attacks, even though they did nothing wrong and has always been a role model.
Despite Lin's phenomenal contribution, although more are on his side but the following highlights the struggle Lin has had endured for decades.
Let us not forget that to change the world is not as easy as you think - there will always be opposition. Have heart, have faith -
never get sucked into the retaliation, always respond with love. Jeremy was asked on national TV what he thinks of the following attacks?

Lin said, "I will only respond with love".

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